Tips and Tricks for Paruresis: How to Help Your Shy Bladder

The embarrassment of public urinals is a common experience for most men.

That was a problem I once faced, and it’s something I remember well.

In most cultures, however, men are under increasing social pressure to appear and act tough, which makes it more difficult for them to cope with a variety of psychological issues, such as shy bladder syndrome.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks for dealing with a shy bladder.

shy bladderIt’s not uncommon for men to suffer from a “shy bladder” as a result of the pressure to perform better than their male peers.

The shame we’ve been raised to feel about normal bodily functions like urination is another factor in the shy bladder problem.

Our upbringing can make us believe that urination should only be done on our own, behind closed doors, but everyone urinates at some point.

Some people even ask their family to leave the house while they are urinating, and this isn’t limited to the urinal.

You can only imagine the extent of their problem.

Let’s begin by looking at how we can help those with a shy bladder.

You must be willing to leave your comfort zone if you want to help yourself overcome that problem.

When it comes to psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques are all about helping you overcome your fear of the dreaded situation.

The first thing you should do if you have a fearful bladder is to practise in a less crowded bathroom.

Even though it’s going to be a challenge, you should still try because if you succeed once, you’ll have the confidence to try again.

It’s also a good idea to try and distract yourself while you’re at the urinal.

Take a moment to reflect on a pleasant memory from your past, a memory of a time when you were at ease and surrounded by friendly people.

You’ll find that this will make it easier for you to pee because you won’t feel as if you’re in a bind.

Having a close friend to keep you company is one of the best shy bladder tips and tricks.

As far as most people are concerned, shy bladder isn’t a universal problem; rather, it occurs when you’re around strangers.

As such, if you’re practising in the bathroom, ask a friend to join you.

If you have a close friend, he or she may be able to assist you in resolving your issue.

And don’t forget that practise is the key to success – you have to do it over and over again until you feel comfortable with it.

So, to summarise, here’s how we did it:

  • “Ask” a friend you can trust
  • Start with the less crowded restrooms
  • Hypnosis is probably the most effective treatment – and it’s discreet (just listen to an MP3)

With that in mind, I’ll leave you with the assurance that this problem is not insurmountable; after all, I’ve been through it, so I know it can be fixed!