Fixing Shy Bladder Syndrome For Good

Shy bladder syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. Whether for unknown reasons, many men have trouble emptying the bladder in public places at some time in their lives. So, is there a treatment for shyness syndrome?

What is the primary fear?

shy bladderWhile no one knows the causes of shy bladder syndrome, it is widely accepted that it is a slightly restless syndrome when there are no private bathrooms available. Common beliefs or theories indicate that it can be caused by anxiety. What it is, is the inability to urinate every time someone sees or hears it. This leads to fear of public restrooms and, in extreme cases, can cause the patient to plan their schedule or schedule so that it is rarely placed in a situation where the public restroom is needed if any.

How to fix shy bladder syndrome syndrome

If you do not want to have kidney problems, you should control this particular syndrome quickly. That is why hypnotherapy is generally recommended as a treatment for this specific disease. Unfortunately, many people with shy bladder syndrome are also anxious about their issues. That may result in a big problem in many cases and a more significant loss of control. The key to winning a war with a shy bladder syndrome is to regain control and tell your body that your mind is ultimately responsible.

Hypnotherapy treatment

Help for shy bladder syndrome is always at hand when you put the strength of your mind at work to find solutions to the problem of shy bladder syndrome. The use of hypnotherapy, together with NLP treatment, can be a beneficial course of action.

NLP treatment

NLP therapy is used to program or train your mind so you don’t fall into anxiety about what others around you can see or hear. First, you have to adjust your ideas, to overcome the problem, and work to solve it. This is not a problem since you only need to perform a heavy psychological analysis as you must be willing to bow your mind at your will to overcome the control exercised by current mental concerns about the bladder.

Shy bladder syndrome therapy also includes many therapeutic techniques that address the root cause of the problem: fear, anxiety, nervousness, or any other emotion. One of the most effective methods for the removal of shy bladder syndrome is continuously encouraged to cope with the conditions that most bother you. You can start by asking a reliable and close person to stand near the bathroom door while trying to urinate. If it doesn’t work first, try again and again. Gradually, you will realize that you are getting used to the conditions, and you will feel comfortable and urinate in this case. Slowly, you can try to urinate in public toilets where the crowd is usually tiny. Once you succeed there, you can reach some full bathrooms and try to feel comfortable in those places. This treatment is called progressive open surgery, and this treatment has been known to more than 80% of all people with urinary disorders.