Some Possible Cures For Shy Bladder

When someone refers to having a shy bladder, there are various cures for it.

Having a shy bladder is something that can be an embarrassment and can actually affect someone’s life. To be truthful, having a bashful bladder actually can put a damper on your complete day and that’s horrible.

Do you often feel an imaginary presence lurking behind, in front and beside you each time you tried to wee? Don’t panic – you’re not alone with this problem. Shy bladder, more technically known as paruresis, is a type of anxiety disorder that makes someone unable to urinate in the presence of other people whether those people are real or imaginary.

Uncovering a cure for shy bladder is something that plenty of people have been looking for and in this tract, we’re going to explore some of the commonest cures.

cure for shy bladderFirst off you’ll need to grasp exactly what the essential fear will be about your bladder. Even though it is a discomforting syndrome, you might need to chat to somebody about it.

But the first step to changing anything is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Once you learn to accept that it is something to deal with then you can move to start trying out cures and techniques to cure it. You might meet people who don’t even consider this to be a sickness and are quick to judge. Others are just nosey. And others almost bully you and try to force shy bladder victims to do it… just do it! (If only it was that easy)

Accepting that this is something that needs to be addressed means you’re already one step to overcoming it.

Debating your bladder issues with your GP is obviously one of the very best things you can do and who knows, it may be the most effective cure for your shy bladder.

Or you may want to search out treatment, as it might be all in your head (I don’t want to prove those bullies right but it would be nice if this was the case) and that’s the reason behind your shy bladder.

When you have worked out precisely what you are afraid of, it is time to appreciate what occurs when you have a shy or bashful bladder. Well, it can definitely screw up your kidneys, particularly if you have a tendency to hold your pee in a lot of the time.

You don’t want to hold liquid inside your body for too long as it really can do more harm than good.

Here are a few other things you can try:


When you try to do something over and over again and just can’t, frustration creeps in and maybe unpleasant things start to happen such as your high blood pressure rising.

Your body focuses on your increasing heart rate and pushes all other systems of the body. It focuses on pumping out more blood into your bloodstreams and begins the process of sweating. So when you’re in a public place, do yourself to keep yourself calm and breathe.

Here’s how you can do it (I know, you already know how to breathe but sometimes we do our best to forget)

  • Breathe in – a nice, long, deep breath works best
  • Breathe out – again, do this slowly rather than panting
  • Repeat the process until your body is relaxed and as much as you can, only focus on your breathing
  • Hold – if it’s not too difficult, hold your breath for a second or two after breathing in
  • Hold and slowly let the air out until you feel your pelvic floor drop. This takes a bit of practice but is worth doing
  • Slowly release your breath as you start peeing

The increase in carbon dioxide in your body as you hold your breath allows your body to look for oxygen and finds it in your external urethral sphincter. Once it does, your pee goes. A bit of practice will help you do this easier.


The art of ‘getting used to it’. Fake it til’ you make it – it works.

Regularly exposing yourself to something you’d rather not do until you’ve finally done it enough so that it doesn’t affect you any more.

Picture walking into a public rest room with two guys inside and one empty urinal between them. It’s one of the most dreaded scenarios for people with shy bladder. But try to take it as it is.

Go to the urinal, stand there for a few minutes, zip up, wash your hands, as though you just peed even when you actually didn’t! Do this over and over again, as often as you can persuade yourself to do it, until you actually pee. Ideally, without make a complete fool of yourself.

Shifting your paradigm

Change your whole mindset.

I know you probably dread even walking up to that bathroom door. Maybe even the thought of going there gives you the jitters.

But try to talk to yourself. “Hey man, I know you’re feeling the need to pee. This is a normal thing. Go up and get to that urinal, it’s no biggie.”

You might not be able to change it the first time, but do it repeatedly. Repeat it to yourself until you believe it.


Treat it as a sport, you need to do training for it.

Tell a trusted friend or a family member about your problem.

Ask them to go to the public bathroom with you and just let you practice the whole scenario of peeing with someone in the premises.

This might sound awkward to the point of being silly but nothing ever is with something as serious as shy bladder, especially those who are chronic victims.


Hypnosis can also be really effective for treating shy bladder – it gets through to your subconscious mind and helps you sort things out.

Your subconscious mind controls most of what happens in your body. It does all the regular stuff (because otherwise you’d likely forget to breathe or digest your food or blink your eyes). And hypnosis can help it to help you.

Hypnosis is also quick and inexpensive.

Try this hypnosis download to help you overcome your shy bladder once and for all.