How to Overcome Bashful Bladder

A bashful bladder is one of the most annoying things to have. This is because you cannot go comfortably to relieve yourself at any place while in public, and precisely in a place that is not home. However, this condition is treatable and you have nothing to be worried about. Its more of a psychological condition and acceptance is one step towards treatment. Once you accept the fact that you have it and now go the next step to seek treatment you are doing miles on it.

Here are some ways to overcome a bashful bladder:

Trust your unconscious mind

Going to the washroom and relieving yourself is quite a natural affair. However the moment you install anxiety and curiosity about what if, you tend to only think about that. You become an affair of how people will judge you and if they portray you as such a clown for just minding your business. You need to get rid of this mentality and let the scare go.

Your unconscious mind should be trusted and tell yourself let me try it without fear and see what happens. Once you do it the first time you feel quite relieved and you will notice that nobody is judging you. Urinating should not be so hard for you if you have no medical condition in your lower area. You need to know that once you engulf yourself in your thoughts you are only caging yourself in them.

Before you make a step towards the washroom you just need to tell yourself you can do it and make the step boldly. Once you are there you do not have to fear who is next to you or in the next washroom, you are there to simply relieve yourself and go back to doing your thing. Such positiveness will cure you in miraculous ways and you will not even notice or feel a thing the next time.

Recall times before you had the condition

Experience is the best lesson for sure. Once you get to know and accept the condition, simply ask yourself what is different now. Sit down and assess what you used to do back then that makes it quite hard these days to do the same thing.

Once you recall the days before the condition came, you will realize that nothing has changed except growing up. Furthermore, growing up means that you should hold your chest high and be proud of how far you have come. Shying off as by not wanting to pee while other people are there is simply just fear. You are growing up to be brave and not to fear.

As you recall the earlier times, you will notice that nobody even cared to look at you as you mind your business. Urinating is just a usual body function that you need to be quite comfortable about. The moment you realize that nothing out of the ordinary has come-up you will never shy off going to the toilet.

Talk to a confidant

We all have friends that are quite close to and can confide in them for anything. Opening up is also a therapy towards treatment. This is because the moment you keep this condition to yourself you are simply doing yourself more harm than good. You increase the stress to yourself as you only think of other people’s perceptions of you.

A close friend that you have shared life with and created moments is the best therapy you can get. This is because there is no room for being a judge. As you confide in your friend you need to open up as much as possible. You can start from when the condition started and explain slowly without missing a point. Let your friend give you opinions about the way forward and listen keenly.

If you do not have a close friend try family. Family is the greatest give we have. This is because blood is thicker than water and still home is always best. You must have that close relative that you talk to about anything. Open up to the relative if it’s your brother’s sister or even cousin and let it all out. After opening up you need to have sessions of doing the drill so that you are quite comfortable. Simply just visit the washroom with them and do it side by side. As you choose your confidant you should make sure that they will not air out your situation because this will do you more harm than good.

Practice confidently

Just because you have a bashful bladder doesn’t mean you will never go out in public and relive yourself.

Yes, you need this mentality its quite certain that you are not afraid of yourself but of others. This is why you need to practice for quite some time and not too long also. You can get a friend as said earlier and do it repeatedly but will this help? First, you need to do it all alone than now bold up to a confidant. This is because you need to psyche up yourself on how they will see you.

The reason why this is recommended is that you at least need to have little confidence. That one person you do it with will make a significant difference. This is because you will realize that it’s not that hard after all.

You need to do it as many times as possible until you build up your confidence. However, you need to not overdo it because you might get uncomfortable with it. An ideal vibe would be if you go out in public and do it practically with your friend at a washroom. This helps you bold up and appreciate the fact that it’s okay to be normal.

Own it and remember that you are normal!

Lastly is the fact that you need to appreciate that all you doing is just being afraid of the unknown. Its not that you have a perforated bladder or your private part has a medical condition. You need to own it that you are quite normal and walk chest high to the washroom and do your thing. You are not in any way sick but its just a mentality that you need to let go of and own it.

Bashful bladders are easy to treat as long as you condition your mind towards it. This is because its just a mental state that can be altered by acceptance and looking forward to being confident about it. Life is full of challenges and the way you encounter them and walk past them is what is quite important.