Why Is It Hard To Pee In Front of Someone?

Having a shy bladder or paruresis is a really hard task to take a pee when pressured by other people and not having the possibility of being alone in order to pee. This could happen to people with anxiety and anxiety disorders. But there are ways that could help paruresis.

This occurs when you are anxious about using the bathroom when there are other people around, it can happen in public places or just a shared bathroom in a hotel for example. Or it could be a drug test at work or a sample you have to give your doctor. But there are some real reasons behind that and they influence the hard task of peeing in front of other people.

  • Anxiety about peeing when there are people around
  • Psychological factors
  • It is considered to be a social phobia
  • The urinary sphincter is tensed due to the psychological factors

worriedParuresis is not a physical illness or condition, nothing is wrong with the urinary tract. The psychological factors influence your urinating to the point where anxiety tightens the urinary sphincter and so it becomes almost impossible to take a pee. The anxiety then increases as this becomes harder and makes it even harder to attempt to pee. The causes vary for different people but the most common ones stand out as anxiety disorders.

There are some things that could help your paruresis and they include :

  • Graduated Exposure Therapy – for getting used to peeing in more public places.
  • Psychotherapy – counseling that could help with dealing with the situations.
  • Relaxation Techniques – for anxiety reduction.
  • Gaining Confidence – for overcoming the fear.
  • Hypnosis – one of the most effective treatments I’ve found and totally discrete (download an MP3 and listen to it).
  • Cognitive Therapy – for talking about the problem and finding solutions.

The syndrome of shy bladder or paruresis is considered to be one of the most common social phobias and as such it can be treated and reduced. With time it can even be overcome and help the anxiety of having to pee in public places. The sphincter muscle locks up and it is unable to urinate, which can get pretty uncomfortable even if the bladder is full and ready to release the urine.

More than 15 million Americans are thought to living with this problem, this could lead to even skipping social activities and affects the lives of so many people. This affects the nervous system, the nervousness of this anxiety disorder is common nowadays. Having to pee in front of others can be a hellish experience especially when you really need to relieve yourself from your full bladder. But with the help of these tips, the problem could be greatly reduced as phobias and anxiety are relatively easy to be helped. With that being said, the above tips can surely help the process of paruresis.

The more you try to urinate, the harder it gets. Perhaps it started when there was bullying or making fun of not being able to pee, but the worrying increases that problem, worrying it might happen again and the stress on the muscles responsible for releasing the urine. The more forcing nature, the worse it gets, so it is important to remember that relaxation is mandatory, in order to take a pee and release the urine normally and regularly.