How to Beat Shy Bladder

Shy bladder syndrome, also known as “Paruresis” can be a huge problem, especially when you really have to go to the toilet but you are unable to due to the condition known as the shy bladder syndrome. Many people struggle with this problem worldwide.

Paruresis is not a physical illness, the problem is psychological and so in order to solve it, you have to look in that aspect of your life. Usually, this condition appears when you’ve been exposed to some stressful situations especially as a kid, for example, if you had to pee in front or next to someone, or having to pee in a cup next to your doctor or other kids making fun of you.

What can you do?

  • Techniques for relaxing – When you feel anxious your body becomes tense and that could prevent urination easily, it makes it significantly harder. But by learning relaxation techniques you could master the ability to calm yourself and make shy bladderit easier for you. This could include yoga, meditation, exercises and practice going to a public toilet.
  • Thinking about a comfortable toilet – This could ease the peeing as you will remember the times you’ve successfully taken a pee in a comfortable toilet for you and bring you some peace, by doing so the peeing itself will become way easier and more comfortable.
  • Drink a good amount of water – Drinking a moderate amount of water could have a positive effect on your peeing and kidneys. Not just that you will be able to pee, but also it’ll make it easier to empty your bladder as it will be filled with water, you will pee eventually.
  • Avoid stress – This is essential for your anxiety and tensed muscles. By reducing your stress levels, you could increase your chances of peeing successfully. Stressful situations could make the peeing so hard that you might find yourself into a situation where you really need to use the toilet, but you can’t which could stress you even more.
  • Try listening to running water – This is pretty effective for some people with shy bladder syndrome. By listening to running water you also calm yourself and you become less tense, so the urinating could happen easier.

The importance of solving your shy bladder syndrome

It is very important for you to solve your Paruresis as it could make your daily life very exhausting and stressful, the problem could persist your entire life if you neglect it and leave it like that.

Not only the uncomfortable feelings but also your bladder could suffer from that as it will be filled and not able to let the urine go and keep it tensed as well. Many doctors don’t really consider Paruresis as a problem, even though it is a serious problem for many people with it. The inability to urinate induces even more anxiety and tension in your body and that makes it even hard, it deepens the problem and makes it seem as impossible to solve, but there are always ways to help your shy bladder syndrome.

The benefits of beating shy bladder syndrome

You will feel calmer and less anxious;You will be able to use the toilet whenever you really need it;Your stress and tension levels will significantly reduce;Your bladder will be way healthier;


It is quite important for you to feel good and comfortable, which is why you should fight with your shy bladder syndrome problem and defeat it. The natural technique and methods above could improve and eventually solve the problem, but you have to be patient and persistent with them, so they can take effects.

If you are unable to solve this problem for a long time despite your efforts, it might be time for you to contact your doctor and discuss your problem. In most of the cases, the techniques above are proven to help for most of the people, but with a devoted amount of time for them to counteract the Paruresis, in a way that it can’t come back later. You need to realize that the problem is not physical, but mental one and as such you can counteract it with your own thoughts, emotions, and vibes you produce. It’s also worth investigatingĀ  which has a high success rate.